FSU Professor Stringham Publishes Critique of Universal Preschool Proposal in Real Clear Policy


January 17, 2014, Fayetteville, NC – Fayetteville State University professor of economics and entrepreneurship Edward Peter Stringham recently discussed recent proposals to raise taxes to provide universal preschool. Stringham has critiqued similar proposals in the past when a statewide mandate was defeated in California in 2007 and now he discusses Bill de Blasio’s plans to raise New York taxes by more than $500 million per year to pay for, among other program, universal, government-run preschool.

According to Stringham, “One unseen cost is the potential of putting private preschools out of business, and that private preschool would become a luxury available only to the most wealthy.” Stringham builds on an earlier study he co-authored with Chris Cardiff on a similar proposal in California. Stringham’s opinions and criticisms are published by Real Clear Policy on July 17, 2014. To learn more read here.